I truly believe that your gift is your signature on life’s most important moments®. 

The answer is simple, I love unique, creative & beautiful things.

I was born and raised in Montreal, into an entrepreneurial family with a creative soul. Today I live just outside Toronto with my supportive hubby, 2 beautiful & amazing children and Ollie the Cat (who actually thinks he’s a dog!).

Growing up and working in the shmata business in Montreal, my career slowly evolved from fashion into home textiles. Designing, sourcing, and marketing textile collections to the home decor industries in Canada & the US.

For as long as I can remember I have had this inexhaustible ambition to create a business of my own. Why? For a number of reasons actually. 

I have a passion for sourcing, curating and wrapping the “perfect” gift. Finding the perfect scent, the softness scarf or the most interesting objet d’art, it’s like my oxygen! 

I also have a deep-rooted feeling of obligation to give my children the same experience and influence I had as a child. To mentor them and to show them that their fate is in their hands and if they’re passionate and they work hard they can accomplish anything.

I have been on the customer’s side of the table having to source gifts for many different events over the years, both corporate and personal. It is a time consuming, sometimes frustrating task and that often ended up with me running around sourcing products and assembling these gifts on my own. There are few companies that are killing it in the Gift Box space but the quality competitive offerings are few & far between. A&C’s mission is to fill this gap with a unique combination of products and services that will give Canadians access to a fresh experience, and modern gift solutions.

I truly believe that your gift is your signature on life’s most important moments®. A&C is here to ensure that your signatures are always memorable.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to get to know us! 

With love,

So what’s with the name AMAROLIA?
I get that a lot. I named this company after my daughter was born, it is a “family combo” name.

A is for Allison (that’s me!)
MAR are three letters from my husband’s last name “MORGAN”
OLIA these 4 letters are taken from my daughter’s first name “OLIVIA”
Then a few years later my son was born and I added the & COMPANY (that’s for you Noah!)